Cómo obtener tus primeros seguidores en Facebook

Los 10 pasos a continuación demuestran con un ejemplo real cómo obtener más de 10,000 fanáticos en su página de negocios de Facebook.


Facebook es el rey de las redes sociales con más de 2 mil millones de usuarios activos por mes (actualizado en abril de 2018). Es utilizado por más del 60% de los usuarios de Internet en todo el mundo y es una excelente herramienta para promocionar un producto o servicio, encontrar nuevos clientes u obtener lectores más leales (seguidores).


Para aprovechar esto con fines comerciales, necesita tener muchos seguidores (seguidores) en su página de negocios de Facebook. Veamos a continuación por qué es importante tener muchos seguidores en Facebook.


¿Cuál es la importancia de tener muchos fanáticos de Facebook en la página de tu negocio?

Indica popularidad. No hace falta decir que la cantidad de seguidores revela cuán popular es un sitio web. Una página de negocios de Facebook con 100,000 seguidores es más popular que una página con 1,000 seguidores y esto lleva a una serie de otros beneficios (descritos a continuación).


Indica confianza. Si no puede entender la relación entre los fanáticos de Facebook y la confianza empresarial, tenga en cuenta que el Departamento de Estado de los EE. UU. Gastó $ 630,000 para aumentar sus Fans de Facebook de 100,000 a 2 millones durante los años 2011-2012 (vea la publicación relacionada de marketingland).


¿Por qué hicieron esto? Porque en el mundo de hoy, una empresa, un sitio web o un blog exitoso debe tener muchos seguidores en Facebook. Hace cinco años esto no hizo ninguna diferencia, pero en el siglo XXI, la prueba social es importante.


Más fanáticos, más visitas: cuanto más fanáticos tengas, mayor será el número de personas que verán tus publicaciones en su línea de tiempo y posiblemente visitarán tu sitio web, si quieres algo mas especifico en posicionamiento web tienes que buscar SEO en Oaxaca.


Si bien esto es cierto, se debe tener en cuenta que no todos tus fans verán tus publicaciones.


Como ya se explicó en una publicación anterior, Cómo aumentar el alcance orgánico de su página de Facebook, solo un pequeño porcentaje de sus seguidores (no más del 4%) verá sus actualizaciones de estado.


Este número puede variar, pero lo que es importante entender ahora es que si tiene 10,000 fanáticos y publica una nueva actualización, será visto de forma orgánica por un máximo de 300-400 personas.


La calidad del contenido publicado en su página de negocios de Facebook también determinará su éxito o fracaso.


Tener una página de Facebook optimizada hace que sea más fácil atraer nuevos fans o más me gusta de los anuncios, como veremos a continuación.


Paso 3: aprovecha tu cuenta personal de Facebook

Mencioné en el paso 1 anterior que necesita tener una página de negocios y no una página personal, pero también necesita tener una cuenta de Facebook personal activa.


Aquí es por qué:


Después de publicar una actualización en la página de su negocio, una de las formas de aumentar la exposición y los “me gusta” es compartir esa publicación en su página personal también.


Las personas que tienes como amigos en tu página personal tienen más probabilidades de “gustar” e “interactuar” con la publicación compartida desde tu página de negocios y esto aumentará el factor de participación de tus publicaciones.


Como resultado, Facebook mostrará tus publicaciones a más fanáticos (orgánicamente).


Por lo tanto, una de las formas de aumentar la cantidad de personas que ven tus publicaciones y sobrepasan el 4% de tu base de fans es compartir y promocionar la publicación en tu página personal.


No hace falta decir que cuanto mayor sea el número de amigos, mayor será la visibilidad de la publicación.


Además, asegúrese de invitar a todos sus amigos existentes (y nuevos) a que les guste su página de negocios de Facebook. Haz eso cada vez que ganes un nuevo “amigo”.


Caries Are A Problem For Your Heart

You have just come to your appointment with the dentist and he has recommended that you fill in some teeth that have cavities. You leave Dr. Mexico dentist center and the first thing you think is that it does not hurt much, you can wait a bit to do them. In the end that “little” becomes six months, a year …. How many times has this happened? … Surely once, and like you, a lot of people.

And unfortunately when that time has passed and one has forgotten those tiny caries … It breaks your tooth or your tooth and you run to the dental clinic to try to rebuild as soon as possible. And that’s if you’re lucky and you do not start with dental sensitivity or with the dreaded toothache.

Your dentist receives you and tells you that decay has reached your nerve and you have to do endodontics. Fearing that decay destroys your entire tooth, you do endodontics and then rebuild your teeth. Surely, because the destruction of your tooth is very large, you have had to put a sleeve or crown of metal or porcelain.

Maybe you managed to save your tooth, but you had to follow a complicated treatment and your tooth does not keep it in its complete integrity. But there is something else. When decay affects the nerve, a focus of infection develops that already has a doorway to the rest of your body … Does it sound bad, right?

The “nerve” of your molars is not only composed of nerve endings and makes your tooth hurt so much when cavities affect it. It is a tissue composed of blood capillaries and therefore connected to the bloodstream of your body.

Through this “front door” all the bacteria of the caries and the bacterial flora of your mouth can reach all the organs of your body and generate serious problems such as cardiac or pulmonary pathologies.

The general population that never goes to the dentist is much more likely to develop pneumonia (up to 86% more) than the population that visits the dentist twice. 50,000 people die each year from this disease.

Bacteria that enter the bloodstream from the mouth can cause endocarditis, stroke and arteriosclerosis by adhering to the inner walls of blood vessels and heart valves.

Do not forget that this happens with caries can also be caused by bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums. The bacteria that form tartar are not exactly the same as those that form cavities, but they are still bacteria that enter your body through another “gateway”, in this case, your gums swollen and bleeding.

You must be responsible and have adequate daily dental hygiene, do not forget that the best ally you have to keep it is your toothbrush.

A Tattoo To Make Way For a New Stage Against Breast Cancer

When we have an accident, and our teeth are affected aesthetically, which not only can affect us physically but also psychologically and that is why it is necessary to go with your dentist from Bartell Dental Tijuana to repair your teeth, the same happens with sequelae of diseases, such as cancer.

Specifically, breast cancer leaves sequels challenging to overcome, but now offers the possibility of recovering the nipple and areola among those women who have been mastectomized based on ink and needle and the micro pigmentation technique

The technique is micro pigmentation, a method through which the pigment is left in a more superficial layer than the traditional tattoo, which benefits these patients, being less aggressive.

With nine different shades of ink, the ideal color is created to shape the patient’s new nipple and aura, an appointment that arrives six months after her last surgery. In that first encounter, the area is explored to know the state of the skin and the scars and resolves those doubts that arise. If it is going to hurt, if it can get wet, what previous and subsequent care needs to be done or if it is good are some of the questions that most arise in consultation.

The second appointment is when, between both parties, they choose tones, sizes and make the previous sketch that is captured minutes later during a two-hour session. If the nipple has been recreated during the last surgery, it will not be necessary to apply a three-dimensional effect. If the patient keeps any of her breasts, the goal is to make a replica of her nipple and areola. On the other hand, if micro pigmentation is applied to both breasts, look for symmetry and create from scratch.

Once the technique is applied, an appointment is given about six weeks later to see how it has been and if it is necessary to review any area. A change that for each of them manifests itself differently. To be able to change in the dressing room with tranquility and without anyone looking at him, they go to the beach and play quietly with the little ones in the house, or they see in the mirror and see a breast.

The pre-intervention care is simple. Do not expose yourself to the sun a week before, do not drink exciting drinks on the day of micro pigmentation, as they favor vasodilation and inform if you take any anticoagulant treatment to see what measures are taken.
The guidelines to follow after the micro pigmentation session are also bearable. Apply during the following week a healing cream, do not rub with a sponge, avoid the sun and wet normally. What you do have to take into account is the care of maintenance and always use sunscreen in the area. The implementation of this consultation six months ago does not contemplate the retouching over the years although the nurse ensures that over time the pigment becomes clear.

Cómo tratar a un empleado tímido

La mayoría de nosotros, en el momento en que hemos estado en el mundo laboral durante un par de años, se nos ha enseñado cómo lidiar con la variedad de temperamentos y personalidades que encontramos en la oficina. Se nos anima a respetar cada tipo, comunicarnos con ellos cuando deseen que se comuniquen con ellos, y respetar sus contribuciones únicas a nuestro entorno de trabajo. El lugar donde mejor tratan a los empleados tímidos son en las franquicias de cafeterías con Mi Franquicia Mx su personalidad esta perfecta para el puesto, al ser un lugar en donde las personas van a tener conversaciones serias o reuniones con amigos nadie quiere a alguien muy platicador.

Pero piense en la mayoría de los consejos profesionales que ha escuchado: ¿enfatiza la paciencia y la palabrería, o lo insta a tomar riesgos y a “exponerse”? Muy a menudo, nos dicen que la clave del éxito es ser asertivo y audaz, lo que resulta más fácil para los empleados naturalmente extrovertidos.

El asunto es que los empleados tímidos tienen ideas igualmente buenas, son tan inteligentes y tenaces, y son tan dedicados como sus contrapartes habladores. Simplemente están más cómodos volando por debajo del radar. Pero a pesar de que los miembros del equipo que se expresan abiertamente tienden a hacerse notar más, los empleados tímidos tienen un poder desaprovechado para ayudar a los equipos a tener éxito.

Si se encuentra manejando a un empleado que está del lado tímido, querrá encontrar maneras de extraer sus fortalezas personales. Sí, los empleados con una disposición tímida pueden sentirse incómodos en ciertas circunstancias sociales, pero muestran sus fortalezas de otras maneras. Por ejemplo, la investigación muestra que los empleados callados tienden a ser más reflexivos, lo que mejora el pensamiento creativo y la toma de decisiones. Su autoconocimiento en situaciones sociales significa que escuchan atentamente y son maestros en la lectura de expresiones faciales, lo que los hace perfectos para trabajos orientados a servicios humanos o sociales.

Entonces, si su equipo necesita una buena dosis de competencia moderada y humilde, es hora de comenzar a prestarle atención a las personas que no lo piden. Aquí hay formas en que usted, como gerente, puede ayudar a los trabajadores tímidos a darse cuenta de su potencial y contribuir con grandes cosas al equipo.

1. Invierta tiempo en una relación
Es probable que los empleados tímidos no sean los primeros en dar su opinión como voluntarios o expresar su opinión, así que intente establecer reuniones personales regulares con ellos, lo que le permitirá establecer relaciones más cercanas. El entorno privado fomentará una atmósfera de seguridad y confianza, que puede ayudar a su empleado a relajarse y ayudarlo a abrirse.

En sus conversaciones, anime a sus empleados a articular lo que creen que son sus puntos fuertes, qué tipo de trabajo les gusta hacer y las áreas en las que les gustaría mejorar.

2. Comprende por qué son tímidos
Como parte de su uno-a-uno, también se esfuerzan por entender por qué sus empleados tímidos son aprensivos de ciertas situaciones sociales. Por ejemplo, ¿los intimida un alto mando porque no están seguros de cómo iniciar una conversación con alguien en una posición tan elevada? ¿O se sienten cohibidos por hablar delante de grandes grupos por temor a la crítica?

A través de una comunicación constante, no solo alentará a sus empleados a sentirse cómodos a su alrededor (lo que los ayudará a abrir aún más), sino que también descubrirá maneras en que puede ayudarles a superar su incomodidad en estas situaciones sociales, como entrenarlos en hablar en público o ayudarlos a practicar la creación de redes en cafés de bajo perfil con otros colegas.

How To Make a Great Party

Speaking of time, how are you going with that? sure that this is the first problem you are with: I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO ORGANIZE ANYTHING. We know, today we all go head and get into berenjenales of this type is very lazy, but we have the solution and that’s why we have prepared a complete guide in which we will explain step by step everything you have to have in account to organize the party of the century, and best of all, without stress and without you miss even the smallest detail you will need an incredible homecoming dresses for your party. The key is to have a good planning.

What event do you have to celebrate?

Let’s start at the beginning, is it a social or personal or professional event?

If it is social or personal, the most usual are usually birthday parties of 30, 40, 50 …, wedding anniversaries, thematic parties with friends or surprise celebrations.

If, on the other hand, we talk about a professional celebration, it could be a Christmas party or the opening anniversary of the company, an inauguration, etc.

Actually, what you celebrate is the least important, the important thing is that everything is under control and that in your planning the following points are not missing:

All the details that you will have to take into account to plan your party

Undoubtedly, organizing a private party is not the same as a professional one, and there will be issues to which you will have to give a different treatment, but do not worry, because we tell you how to do it.

Date and Time
Whether you have to organize a social or corporate event.
When to celebrate your party? Generally, Friday and Saturday afternoons are the best days to organize a party, but if you want your event to be an attendance success, we recommend you consider variables such as:

The time you have to devote to the organization: Set a realistic goal and think how much time you can spend planning the party and, depending on it, define a date that you feel comfortable with and do not have to organize everything in a hurry.

Holidays and bridges: The holidays and bridges are not the best time to call a party, since it is possible that many of the people you want to attend have alternative plans.

The weather: Although it seems obvious, the weather can completely annoy us an event, so this question will also have to take into account

The budget can vary if the party is a particular celebration or company.

Private party: Bearing in mind that the money will come out of your pocket, our recommendation is that you think about how much money you want to spend and do not leave the budget.

Learn Spanish and discover new cultures

Finding an innovative society is actually an immensely enriching experience intricately tied to the expertise of a different language like Spanish, that is why the option of using online spanish classes can help you a lot when you are planning you travels. Naturally, you are able to discover a specific geography’s culture without realizing the language, but that is sort of just like seeing a video of a live show. You can see the show, understand the plot, though you miss out on the buzz as well as the actual sensation of being in the target audience of the theater. You are able to be taught a great deal about a lifestyle, though you cannot believe it completely without tossing yourself in, and this starts with the language learning process.

Why do people from San Diego move to Tijuana?

When making a change as significant as the change of city, everyone has their own reasons, very different, however it is true that many prefer to rent or buy in Tijuana due to its low prices compared to other cities in the United States and also It attracts them that life is cheaper because they can find different services at better prices, even health services such as Tijuana dental implants.

The increase in the cost of housing in California has caused a flight of residents into Mexican territory. In the last year, the prices to obtain a home of their own increased up to 8%, according to a study conducted by real estate advisors in the United States.

This situation has unleashed chain reactions, such as the increase in land prices for the construction of new housing units and the development of smaller spaces; besides the rebound in the request for rental spaces.

Despite the fact that the average prices range from one thousand to two thousand dollars per month, depending on the size of the department, more and more families are looking for this option at the exorbitant prices that buying a house represents.

The increase has caused the displacement of residents to the rural areas of the county, and even to Tijuana and Rosarito, where they can obtain a home of up to one third lower than the price at which properties are offered in California.

We have begun to see more people looking for housing options in Tijuana; the reality is that the cost of living in Tijuana and the tendency of condominiums that have been registered, mainly in the vicinity of the border, has attracted the attention of those who live on the other side, especially in San Diego County.

But the overall cost of living south of the county is also cheaper; food, clothing, and transportation are more affordable compared to the American Union, which has made the idea of ??looking for purchase or rent options in Tijuana more attractive, where, on average, a house can be obtained in 500 thousand dollars, in comparison to a residence that reaches a million dollars in San Diego.

Countries That Lead Generation Of Employment In Latin America

In addition to having great professionals from different areas that have grown locally as Baja Dent, specialists explain that much is due to foreign investment. By countries, the highest number of jobs for this concept occurred in Mexico (45%), Brazil (14%), Colombia (7%), Argentina (6%).

Mexico City and Bogotá are the two cities in Latin America where employment has generated the most in the last five years from the new foreign investment.

According to estimates from the Invest in Bogota agency, based on information from fDi Markets, tool of the Financial Times, in descending order are Mexico City (15%), Bogotá (14%), Sao Paulo (13%), Monterrey (12%) %), San Luis de Potosí (8%), Tijuana (8%), Querétaro (8%), Guadalajara (8%), Lima (7%) and Silao (7%).

In total, foreign investment in new projects made it possible to create 1,367,526 jobs in Latin America during the analyzed period through 6,875 initiatives.

Only in 2017, the data indicate that Bogotá was the first among the capitals of the region to achieve 2.2% of the total work, followed by Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

According to the entity, the sectors in which these positions were given are software and IT services (39%), consumer products (14%), processed foods (12%) and communications (10%).

In addition, it is expected that this year the generation of employment by new investment will continue to increase in the city and reach 14,300 places, 1.6% more than in 2017.

In fact, it is estimated that during the last five years for each project that has arrived in Bogota more than 100 new jobs have been created.

When talking about the characterization of human resources and Bogotá’s labor occupation, the local mayor said that by 2017 the workforce was 4.6 million people.
With participation of 57.2% of the total population, the economically active inhabitants of the Colombian capital are 52.7% men and 47.3% women.

He also said that of the total “40% of the workforce is between 29 and 45 years old (1.9 million), followed by the population over 46 years old with 30% (1.4 million) and adults between 18 and 28 years with 1.3 million people.

70 Entrepreneurship Projects Approved in Tijuana

During 2017, the Technical Committee of Tijuana approved 70 projects that will receive resources to undertake and develop businesses such as dentists in Tijuana Mexico in the city, informed the Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana.
The official said that the Committee approved 54 projects for self-employment, six to strengthen micro and small businesses, one to undertake the future and nine strategic ones in Tijuana.
In addition, he explained that the 32 million budgeted for such support has not been delivered to the beneficiaries due to changes in the contract with the fiduciary.
He said previously the income from the sale of Agile Crossing Passes that residents receive to cross from Tijuana to the United States returned 50% to the Tijuana Funds Trust, but as of 2017 it was decided that 100% of that money would remain for the beneficiaries of the Program.
The intention is that for this 2018 the funds can be duplicated and with this the number of beneficiaries, the projects can receive up to 200,000 pesos depending on the proposal; for us the priority is to support the entrepreneurship proposals.
The Technical Committee is chaired by the mayor, treasury, receivership, the councilors of the Economic Development and Municipal Strengthening Commission.
The trust was operating during 2017, it met on four occasions where there was the opportunity to review records of projects from Tijuana that want to start a business or strengthen an already established one.
He assured that as soon as the modifications to the contract are made, deliveries of the supports already authorized by the Technical Committee can be made, which to date are 70 projects.
He explained that there are four funds that come from the Tijuana Funds Trust that are responsible for providing direct support through credit and economic subsidies for individuals and corporations that promote and promote the economic development of the city.

Detener La privatización del Petroleo

Quien encabeza las preferencias a las elecciones presidenciales de México que se llevarán a cabo en julio, dijo este domingo que si gana pedirá al presidente actual  que se detenga lo que catalogó como la privatización del petróleo y de la industria eléctrica lo cual beneficiará mucho al sindicato de gasolineros.

México tiene planeado realizar subastas para adjudicar contratos o licencias para la exploración y explotación de hidrocarburos en lo que resta del año, incluso luego de las elecciones y ha asegurado que los planes no se detendrán, gane quien gane las elecciones.

El candidato reiteró también que revisará los contratos petroleros otorgados a extranjeros para comprobar que no fueron producto de la corrupción.

“No queremos sorpresas que han resultado un escándalo por corrupción a nivel mundial”, dijo luego de colocar una ofrenda floral en el monumento a un aclamado expresidente, al conmemorarse el 80 aniversario de la Expropiación Petrolera.

México ha adjudicado en varias licitaciones cerca de 90 contratos para la exploración y explotación de hidrocarburos parte de una amplia reforma energética aprobada entre 2013-2014, que abrió el sector otrora reservado al Estado, con la que ha dicho pretende apuntalar la declinante producción de crudo y gas.

La intención del político de revisar los contratos petroleros que el país ha firmado tras la apertura del sector son una de las razones por las que algunos inversores lo ven como un riesgo, aunque ha mencionado que un eventual proceso se realizará con apego a la ley.

Se comprometió a detener las importaciones de gasolina tres años después de ganar las elecciones. “Vamos a dejar de comprar gasolinas en el extranjero porque se van a rehabilitar las seis refinerías existentes y se van a construir dos”, dijo.

Además, México dejaría de vender crudo al extranjero, para utilizarlo localmente y reducir el precio de los combustibles.


How to Find a Good Groundwater Remediation and Oil Tank Removal NJ Company

Every year more and more NJ residents discover they need groundwater remediation services from an oil tank removal company that can perform a sweep and remove the buried oil tank. It is very common for multiple services to be performed, as leaking oil tanks produce a number of disastrous consequences.

Oil tanks are very common in New Jersey, and nobody wants one on their property. Back at the turn of the century oil tanks were used to provide heat to homes and businesses across the Garden State. However, their life expectancy is roughly 100 years, and this is why the best oil tank sweep NJ based companies are busy performing oil tank removal and groundwater remediation services–because these tanks are well into advanced stages of corrosion.

Finding the best oil tank removal company is crucial to protecting your property’s value, securing the integrity of your land, and keeping your family safe from toxins. Here are some steps to help you find the best oil tank removal NJ company staffed with true experts that meets the standards set by public demand.

Determine Average Oil Tank Removal NJ Cost and Weigh the Company

If you can determine what the average oil tank removal NJ cost is across various companies and the services they offer, you can gauge if the companies that made your shortlist charge a fair price. 10 different oil tank removal NJ companies were surveyed and the average charge for oil tank removal is around $3000. Most oil tank removal NJ cost only covers basic removal services. That said, look for a company that charges around this rate but offers additional services and benefits. Because groundwater is common throughout NJ, make sure the company will perform testing to determine if any remediation is required. You should also make sure the oil tank removal NJ cost includes full comprehensive coverage and a liability policy of at least $5 million.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ Services Should be Performed by Licensed Experts

Almost every home inspection in NJ requires an oil tank sweep. If you are going to put your home on the market it is ideal to have an oil tank sweep NJ company come out and detect your property for a buried oil tank. Most oil tank removal services don’t perform sweeps. That said, make sure you find a company that will do oil tank sweeps, oil tank removal, and perform groundwater remediation services. You should also make sure the oil tank sweep NJ company is staffed by professionals who work in compliance with the American Petroleum Institute Standards (API 1604). The oil tank sweep and removal services should also be performed by workers certified and licensed to meet all federal, state, local, OSHA and EPA regulations.

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater remediation is a common service performed after oil tanks have been removed from the ground. So what is it? Groundwater remediation is a process in which certified experts treat polluted groundwater by extracting its pollutants or converting them into elements that front no harm to the environment. Groundwater saturates the pore space in subsurfaces, so when an oil tank leaks into your soil, finding an oil tank removal company that also offers groundwater remediation is paramount. One way of knowing if you have found a good groundwater remediation company is if they also perform the oil tank sweep and removal process. Not only is an all-in-one service provider going to save homeowners time and money but they also have more knowledge on each project as they come to face situations as they happen from one service to another.

Why the Food Truck Business is Ideal for Many Who Hate their Jobs

If you love your job, then this article isn’t for you. However, if you are one of the millions of people who hate their jobs, you will want to read this and do some soul searching. Whether you despise your job because you are forced to work with underqualified colleagues, the pay is lousy, or you are forced to do manual labor, entering the food truck business has been a successful venture for people who once worked as lawyers to those who were school janitors. Here are some common reasons why the food truck business has been a game-changer to enriching the lives of many stuck in the ennui of their dull careers.

You Want to Be Your Own Boss

If you loathe your boss, are tired of office politics, or you simply want to make executive decisions, entering the food truck business allows you to leave all of these things behind. Food trucks can be run solely by the owner, or with an extra person or two. The best part is you get to call your own hours deciding when and where you work, create your own business model, and serve amazing food with your own ethics firmly in place behind every move you make.

You Are Stuck in a Cubicle and Want Out

Cubicle life is slow death for many people. You do repetitive work and stare at the same divider wall all day long. While some may think that food trucks are constrictive, they aren’t if you invest in one designed to help you achieve your goals. The best custom food truck companies will take the time to learn your business model, your goals, your prospective growth, and design a mobile kitchen that gives you the right space to function and grow comfortably. Owning a food truck business allows you to get out in the word moving between communities and saying adios to that coffin you have been working in.

Higher Earning Potential

If a dismal salary is one reason why you hate your job and desire a change, the food truck business could be ideal. According to numerous surveys, the average full-time food truck in American cities grossed an average of $300K in 2017. And if you work 7 days a week, the earning potential can go way up. Do a little market research; interview your competition and ask them how big their following is and try to determine how profitable they are by doing a little subtle probing.

Your Job is Not Ideal for Family Life

If you have a family then taking time off is paramount to a healthy home life. However, most jobs (especially corporate ones) demand long hours and are strict when it comes to vacation time. If you are tired of not getting to spend enough time with the kids and missing big moments in their life like Little League Games or dance recitals, entering the food truck business can be ideal because you get to call your own hours.

Infrastructure, the challenge for Tijuana

The great business boom in the city from lawyers, architects to cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana require a better infrastructure in the city. That is why important people in the city highlight the importance of the Tecate rail project, which consists of joining the Short Route of the Train with the Desert Line.

This new sentry box is considered as the new Model of Garita of the 21st century, which will stand out for its modernity, innovation, and practicality for both sides of the border by having reversible and segmented lanes.

This project, which requires around 750 million dollars in investment, will combine practical inspection facilities on both sides of the border with innovations in reversible lanes and segmented toll according to the waiting time at the crossing.

In addition, the manufacturing industry estimates that with the modernization of the Tijuana customs office increase competitiveness, since the projection is that with the entry into operations of Garita de Otay Mesa II by 2019, the export rate will increase up to 12%, double what has grown during the last three years.

The mayor of Tijuana explained that the Ministry of the Interior committed to reviewing the resources that were labeled to carry out the work of the port and translate into development projects.

The border area of Tijuana and San Diego, he points out, is the most important entry point, so it is vital the work carried out by these nations to advance together and realize projects that allow a healthier, deeper and more solid coexistence and exchange in This area becomes a single one, since the development of one cannot be conceived without the other, if Mexico is doing well, the United States is doing well.

Even with the uncertainty that exists with the NAFTA regarding investments, he said he feels positive, since he has not observed that the flow of capital in the border region decreases, but on the contrary, he explained, companies in San Diego have begun to invest in the manufacturing of Baja California for showing a very sophisticated sector, particularly in medical devices.

On the complicated situation of migrants, the Interior Minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, said that one of the first priorities of the federal administration was to redesign an immigration policy that would adapt to the new reality.

He said that since 2014, programs have been carried out that provide support to returnees with comprehensive care, as is the case of Somos Mexicanos, which aims to facilitate the social and economic reintegration of Mexican repatriated persons.

The needs of the General Hospital and citizenship

Maybe many know Tijuana for its famous dentists in Mexico, which are the best in the country and even people come from abroad looking for their services. But in reality the city has more medical needs than only dental because in the general hospital a year have been treated 96 thousand 674 patients in the emergency area.

The needs of Tijuana General Hospital continue to increase and not in the same proportion as economic and human resources, so, the institution recognizes that they may have shortages in resources and that will affect the population at some point.

Even so, they emphasize that both the Hospital and all the staff working there are committed to the health of the people who reside and travel in the locality without making any distinction between gender, age, socio-economic level or religious or political ideologies, since under this ethical and professional commitment, 96 thousand 674 attentions have been provided of which they have been in the Adult Emergency Unit; Work; and Pediatric Emergencies. Also, there were registered 7,263 healthy births, specialty consultations were granted; Clinical Laboratory, Imaging and surgical procedures studies were carried out; This, to mention some health services.

Girls, children, adults; working or unemployed citizens, deportees, foreigners, migrants; people in street condition and abandonment, all access health services that a second level hospital can provide. Actually this is a lot of work since it is the only public hospital in the locality, the medical, paramedical and administrative staff of the General Hospital of Tijuana attends daily to an average of 120 people in the Adult Emergency room, together with the 40 more than they enter directly due to severe complications in their health, in addition to the 80 daily assessments for women in gestational status, and 80 visits to minors in pediatric emergencies.

In addition to the situation of illness or injury of a patient, the workers of the General Hospital of Tijuana face social, economic and security problems in the context of each case, so they struggle every day to provide the maximum benefit in the treatment doctor and discharge instructions.

Sale of toys records record figure

There is evidence that since prehistory small and large humans have had the need to play with something, the first toy could have been a branch or a mammoth intestine, we are not sure but what we can assure is that there has always been something with which to play and as technology increased, more and more complex toy options were appearing, so much so that nowadays the Mexican toy industry closed with sales of nearly two thousand 800 million dollars, representing 6.0 percent more than at the end of the previous year.

During the visit of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar, he said, the toys most requested by children, between zero and three years old, are stuffed animals, rattles and musicals with lights and colors. The children who are in their second childhood, from three to seven years of age, prefer the princesses and superheroes who are the protagonists of the films. While older people ask in their cards very sophisticated games, such as electronic, board games, interactive and assembly. Although it seems that as we grow we want increasingly expensive gifts such as cosmetic surgery or a bariatric surgery in Mexico.

The president of the Mexican Toy Industry Association (AMIJU) said it is a historic year for the sector, where Mexico will also export two thousand for the first time millions of dollars to the United States, Canada, Europe and Central America. That had never happened in our country, said the leader, who also argued that sales abroad are an opportunity to open new markets into the future.

He stressed that representatives of the industry attend the international toy fairs in Hong Kong, China, Germany and New York, in order to have a greater presence globally. Of those four countries, they go out into the world because many buyers attend, he said.

Although the ball is the most sold toy, being the oldest, the items of greatest demand are those with a technological profile – robots, cell phones, electronic tablets, videogame consoles, drones – gain ground more and more and are the new baby of the toy industry, he said.

He pointed out that the electronics have been gradually consolidated because they grow at rates of 11 and 12 percent with respect to the traditional toy, which advances at a rate of between 4.0 and 4.5 percent.

The points of sale to which the Three Wise Men go are the pilgrimages, the markets and the toy stores, as well as the self-service and departmental stores, the latter with increasing visits, he said.

President AMIJU recommended verifying that the articles meet the requirements of commercial information and security established by the Official Mexican Standards, which guarantees the safety of the product, and supervising that the toy is according to the age of the child.

Pedal to make a call to road respect

Although many people have a driver’s license, there are not many in their diary and those in transit, especially those that have to do with the treatment of cyclists, is why raising awareness about road safety was the main objective of the cyclist ride to the International Day of the Cyclist that was celebrated yesterday with the participation of the different clubs of the city with The best Mexico Dentists  and the capital of the state.

There were more than a hundred cyclists who participated in this event, which became an approximate distance of 20 kilometers. With the aim of reducing the problems between motorists and cyclists that sometimes come to fights and accidents.

At 9:00 in the morning the walk in the monument to Benito Juárez of El Chamizal Park began, where it was also the point of arrival.

On their way they stopped at the Benito Juarez Monument on Vicente Guerrero Street and Constitution Street.

Children, youths and adults participated with bicycles in different ways, mountain and bmx.

On your journey through different parts of the city that has the support of the road department and personnel in charge of security.

We are new cyclists clubs but we are united all cyclists celebrating this international day and promoting the cycling culture, respect for the cyclist by cars and also road education, according to our responsibilities and rights when using the road, explained Fernando Olea, from the Club Mozketeros Team.

“Between 20 and 23 kilometers, fortunately we had a very nice day and the Monument of El Chamizal Park we came to the Benito Juarez Monument, it has been a very pleasant, peaceful, very familiar walk,” he said.

He stressed that in addition to the celebration for the International Day of the Cyclist and send a message of road respect, had as its objective the coexistence.

We are a very big family, each group is a family and we are all very close, we support each other, he said.

I estimate about 130 cyclists, comes some from Chihuahua, he said. It’s the third edition in which I participate, there were not so big, he concluded.

City Hall reduces times for business opening

I think that anyone who wants to open their own business knows how tedious it is to do all the paperwork that this requires, mostly because waiting times are usually eternal but find out that the administrative procedures were reduced from 3 months to just days. They want to celebrate.

The different programs that the Mayor’s Office of Tijuana has implemented to facilitate the immediate opening of any kind of businesses even dental clinics in Tijuana have allowed to attend to date more than 3 thousand requests of establishments of low, medium and high impact, reducing the waiting times from 3 months to 72 hours.

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDETI), said that one of the objectives of this municipality is to greatly facilitate the opening of businesses, mainly low risk, in which hand with technological resources and the reduction of requirements has been able to fulfill these purposes for those people who want to undertake in the local economy.

He informed that one of the advantages offered by the platform of the System of Quick Opening of Companies (SARE) is that for certain commercial and service turns, and once meeting all the requested requirements, the Immediate Opening Notice could be received in an average of 72 hours.

He explained that another of the objectives is to be able to identify the turns where more opening facilities are required, as well as to increase the catalog of the low impact classification, which goes hand in hand with the regulatory improvement, the modification of the existing regulations and of the elimination of duplicate and unnecessary procedures.

This is aimed at providing Tijuana with appropriate initiatives to increase its economic competitiveness; in which the analysis carried out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) positions this city at number 43 of 73, “he concluded.

The director of Fire, reiterated that with the digitization of this process of inspection of fire safety measures issued by this unit, this process previously took three months, being now reduced to three days for low impact business and 12 days for medium and high impact business.

Four Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Woman You Love

Valentine’s Day is getting closer, and according to a 2017 Quora survey, more than 60% of women under the age of 45 expressed that Valentine’s Day is their favorite holiday of the year. You love her for her unique, quirky, loving aspects. So why go the route of an expected box of chocolates, roses and a stuffed bear? Here are four unique gift ideas that will melt her heart, and hopefully pay off for you when the lights go down.

Women’s Alpaca Sweaters

While cashmere has long been regarded as the king of luxury sweaters, alpaca is giving the fibers a run for their money. Consider shopping for authentic alpaca women’s sweaters from Peru in a natural color. Alpaca is more affordable than cashmere, yet still offers luxurious quality. In fact, top fashion designers like Prada, Gucci and Hugo Boss use alpaca fibers in their fall and winter lines. Your lady will love the look and feel of an alpaca sweater as it hugs her body and keeps her warm on chilly evenings. She will also like the gift because it supports sustainability and eco-friendliness while allowing family farms in Peru to thrive at their craft spanning multiple generations.

Gem Water Bottles

In 2016 Swell water bottles exploded in popularity selling millions of units. In 2017 gem water bottles stepped into the spotlight as a healthy, trendy alternative to the Swell bottle. If your lady focuses on her health, these water bottles use vibrations form the submerged gems to offer an amazing beverage experience. Various gems offer various benefits. For example, rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst is known to welcome tranquility, soothe and stimulate the mind, and support healthy, glowing skin. Select a clear bottle that is well insulated so the gems can be visible and the water can stay cool.

Personalized Jewel Garden

This is certainly not a garden-variety gift. Jewel gardens include succulents, a pot, and a sleeve of themed decorative elements like gems and ornaments to complete a desired look. Rather than buy a kit go off on your own and customize a gem garden she can display in her office or kitchen. Based on her hobbies, birthstone, sign, and favorite color you can create a daily reminder that lets her know how well you know her and how loved she is. Keep in mind your lady doesn’t need a green thumb; all she needs to do is use a water dropper to hydrate the pants as directed. For example, if a guy’s girlfriend loves yoga, was born in June, her favorite color is robin egg blue, and she likes butterflies, you can use June’s birthstone (the pearl) and use multiple jewels on a butterfly design planted in between two succulents. Use baby blue pebbles and textile elements to add color, and a yoga charm or ohm symbol as a nod to her favorite activity. The personalized touch to the jewel garden will strike an emotional chord in her sentimental heart and prove to be a gift she will always remember, with love.

Tourists pay to see the wall prototypes

If you thought it was a strange thing for people to travel from other countries to get dental implants in Mexico (which is actually a good idea), you should know that there are two companies dedicated to giving tours in the city that added to their itinerary a visit to the border wall prototypes, which mainly take Americans.

For some months, groups that are dedicated to giving tours around the city have given this experience to the Americans, which was unexpected for the tourism authorities but that they recognize doing it in an organized way and as a way to get informed about the problems Social politicians living on the border.

“We detected it from weeks ago, the Turista Libre company began, at least for a month now that we know what they are doing,” said the state tourism undersecretary in Tijuana, Ives Lelevier.

He commented that they have not yet calculated the inflow to these prototypes or what has been generated by it.

The organization has been touring Tijuana for almost 10 years to get to know the city, but from a Tijuana perspective and not the visitor’s.

We do not know how many, but we know that they do it in an organized way, they are two companies that take groups to do this, frankly talk about how tourism has so many aspects, things that we could not imagine that could be of interest to people, as they are , if they can do it better organized yet better, I do not know the narrative, I do not know what they are told but we expect that they do not feed any hate for this country and that they do it in an organized way, he mentioned.

The prototypes will be reviewed by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, so there will be a large influx of both sides and a lot of security.

Understanding AC to DC Converters and Other Military Power Supplies

Have you ever watched a fighter jet take off and land from an aircraft carrier or watch a missile launch from a ship on the news? These are quite the sights to behold, and if you ever get to see actions like this in person you will be overcome by the sheet might of it all. What most people don’t know ios that military power supplies like the AC to DC converter help make actions like this possible. Today’s aerospace industry and branches of our military contract with the best military power supplies manufacturers who create AC to DC converters to meet special demands.

What are Military Power Supplies?

These power supplies are used by the military and are similar to those used in other industries. However, the demands placed on military power supplies require them to function in extreme conditions. This means their ruggedness, durability and reliability is at the pinnacle of perfection. Military power supplies are also build to run through long use cycles requiring very minimal maintenance.

What are Military Power Supplies Standards?

It is vital to our security that military power supplies meet the highest quality standards when it comes to performance. Engineers keep challenging deployment environments in mind when creating a meticulous design and iron-clad construction to ensure high efficiency, small size and lighter weight. These high standards also demand that military power supplies like the AC to DC converter meets the challenges of multi-voltage electronics, as well as the complexities behind distribution systems. Some of these include:

  • Noise reduction for tactical needs
  • Lightning and power spike protection for military power supplies
  • Military power supplies must support higher voltages and use lowe input signals
  • Military-grade aircraft and vehicles require military power supplies to support three operational modes: normal, abnormal and emergency.
  • Be able to withstand temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius and above 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Military power supplies must be engineered to withstand powerful vibration and shock.
  • Must withstand water and high levels of humidity. Some uses require the military power supplies to be watertight.

CE requirements, have been in force since 1997 requiring compliance with EN601010-1 safety standards with higher clearance for high-voltage circuits and thicker insulators. Accidental user contact was also something that needed to be placed in regulations so now shrouded connectors and relief clip connectors are used to prevent unintentional use. There Is now significantly less risk for users thus removing the high chance of injury via unintentional contact.

Reforestation in the East of Tijuana

If there are no trees, the air stops having a natural purifier and begins to become contaminated more and more, which causes animals and humans to have health problems, that is why people with power in the government as deputies along with Tijuana Innovadora started the afforestation of around 10 thousand square meters of green areas in the eastern part of the city.

The deputy declared that it is the beginning of a series of actions that aim to meet the recommendations established by the World Organization (WHO), to have 10 square meters per inhabitant and Tijuana has less than one meter and thus have an air cleaner and be more friendly with the ecosystem that gives us home. This will be perfect if you are looking for house for sale in baja because now the air will be cleaner and the landscape will be beautiful. Among the species that are going to be planted are native shrubs of the area and fruit trees, such as fig, olive, pomegranate, citrus, among others, with the intention that they serve to recover the spaces and provide services that favor the ecosystem.

The director of Tijuana Verde, informed that afforestation will be carried out with the Dutch COCOON technology that has the purpose of contributing to sustainable development, and consists of a biodegradable box that is used as an incubator for plants, and does not require irrigation and uses up to 1000 times less water, which is ideal for areas with degraded or desert land.

The president of Tijuana Innovadora, José Galicot said that the goal is to double the square meters of trees per inhabitant in three years, and he also highlighted the use of COCOON technology, which has been tested in 8 countries around the world, including the United States, Spain and Australia as well as Kenya, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, Tijuana will be the first to venture into the development of this technology with the support of citizens and civil society organizations to export it to other Latin American countries.


Library Receives Donation In Books

Books are fundamental for education and there is more to see in more books of 600 books directed to the area of ​​Law.
In the framework of the 60th anniversary of the University and the centennial of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, the Rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California, doctor Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernández, received a donation on behalf of the university community of more than 600 books focused on the area of ​​Law, which awarded the Central Library of the Campus of Tijuana the Senator of the LXIII Legislature.

The Rector thanked the Senator for the second time this year, made a donation that increases the collection of the libraries of the Highest House of Studies and where the best dentists in Mexico graduate and which are useful for Cimarron students. I want to publicly acknowledge the efforts made by Senator Blásquez Salinas in favor of public education, but especially in favor of the University.

He added that the members of the university are receiving quality education from the highest of young people, who have several elements necessary to achieve excellence, among them, that have adequate support materials that complement the academic training of students and strengthen the quality educational

Senator Blásquez Salinas pointed out that since last year they have devised a donation campaign for bibliographic collections for the University. “This is a joint donation of diverse institutions such as the Chamber of Deputies, Research Colleges, the Secretariat of Public Education, the Chamber of Senators through the Belisario Domínguez Institute and the Gilberto Bosques Institute.”

He stressed that the holders of the sponsoring bodies delivered as much material as possible knowing that it was delivered to the University, so he exhorted the members of this university community to be proud of the prestige that this Institution has throughout the country and in America. Latina He also committed to deliver copies of other areas of knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that Senator Blásquez Salinas made a donation of 865 copies last February to the library of the Law School of the Mexicali Campus.

Also present in the donation are Dr. María Eugenia Pérez Morales, Vice-Rector of the UABC Campus of Tijuana and the teacher Luis Sandoval Figueroa, Director of the Faculty of Law of Tijuana.

Border City Strengthens Its Security

It is reported that one thousand 130 patrols of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, about 800 units cross the streets of the beautiful and mysterious Tijuana.

It is said that it is difficult to give an exact figure of damaged patrols, since every day they register damages and they are taken out of circulation.

The Tijuana councilors approved 50 million pesos for the purchase of 74 double-cabin patrols that will be adequate to guarantee the transfer of detainees.

He explained that each patrol will cost 674 thousand pesos and that resources are available for acquisition.

It is not necessary to emphasize the importance of the Police having the necessary equipment for the tourists that come to a dental clinic in Mexico, as well as to establish strategies that result in combating insecurity.

Finally, the councilman hoped that with the new patrols, the police elements will achieve greater proximity to the crime zones and manage to significantly reduce response times.

And speaking of good news in the city, the municipal president of Tijuana received a document that states the donation of land for what is the beginning of a process so that in the near future Tijuana has a new General Hospital.

For his part, the governor said that the budget issue has been resolved to restart work at the new Maternal and Child Hospital, as well as the modifications that will be made to ensure that the building will be stable, since it was built on a filling area.

The delay in the Maternal Child is that a part of him was found weakened because it was built in what is considered a filling, we should not worry about it being built in fill because it is very common to be built in fill, but nevertheless, if you saw some characteristics not proper to responsibly put maternal child functioning that are not serious, has a solution and there is a structural technical opinion that specify the work that little party will have to do to ensure we have no problem in that part of the hospital.

Mexico a Nest Of Talent In Technology And Innovation

The challenge is to follow up and support the projects developed by young people in the country, as well as strengthen the link between them and the private sector and this can be seen in the generation of development poles on the subject to avoid brain drain.

Interviewed in the framework of the Forum of Innovation and Technology, Jalisco Talent Land, the representative of the organization mentioned that there are cases in which there is a high demand for specialized human capital in different areas such as medicine, dentists in Tijuana or technology, which represents a area of opportunity that needs to be addressed in the country.

This happens, for example, in Jalisco, where important global companies such as Bosch or IBM have arrived, which require personnel.

You have to be very attractive and have a very powerful offer, to share interests and retain human capital; because you can not force a young man toeverstudy outside the country, and you offer him a wonderful opportunity to let him, the fault of leaving is not his, but he must be given the conditions to stay.

That is what is sought in events such as the Jalisco Talent Land, where young people, experts, businessmen and authorities related to the innovation and technology sector converge, he said. In a forum in which institutional linkage and networking is promoted.

“I think Mexico is a hotbed of talent, and also a talent that has no color, religion, or economic status; that’s the most important thing, because there are many kids who do not have resources, and events like this are what makes it possible, with scholarships, to participate. ”

“Mexico is a wonderful country where there is a lot of talent, and it’s a pity that that talent goes to another side and does not stay here,” he added.

In this regard, he said that the event has three objectives: identify talent among young people; link it with whoever needs it, through accompaniment actions by specialists and representatives of the sector; and, detect and report on market demands.

Why Study Spanish?

Studying Spanish with Spanish55 is always a good option. There are many reasons to opt for the language of Cervantes, but here we want to expose only the most important.

The influence in the world

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, behind English and Mandarin Chinese. It is spoken in Spain, in the Caribbean Islands (Cuba and Puerto Rico), in the Dominican Republic, in North America (Mexico), in Central America (Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) and in South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador). Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the United States.

For tourism

If you are going to travel to a Spanish-speaking country for vacation, work or study purposes, speaking Spanish will help you greatly. Studying Spanish will open many doors at a professional level. There are many countries that have Spanish as their official language, which is why there are many jobs in which this can be a fundamental factor. Countries such as Spain, Mexico or Cuba are a must-visit culture, since they have hundreds of museums, millenary architecture, traces of many cultures and you can travel places for hours breathing a culture without peer. Thus, studying Spanish while you are on vacation is also a very good option to make the most of your stay in the country of your choice.

For gastronomy

Undoubtedly, one of the best reasons why to learn Spanish. Although the most famous cuisines in Europe are French and Italian, the sophistication of the first and the simplicity of the second make Spain a gastronomic power worldwide and the multiple ‘Michelin Stars’ and international prizes bear witness to this. Nothing like being able to order something typical like a paella, a cold gazpacho or some crumbs. Cold tapas, hot food and basic dishes elevate Spain as a culinary premier destination and knowing Spanish will help you get into that world.

Pactan commercial missions to promote Tijuana

For the state of Baja California it is a priority to open a range of options before the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has caused uncertainty.
The Economic Development Secretariat of Baja California agreed, together with the local business chambers, to bring to Tijuana commercial missions, in addition to reviewing the supply demand of the industry installed in the state to place the city as one of the most important investment destinations. important in the country.
The aforementioned is part of the strategy so that in 2018 the same trend will continue in the capture of Foreign Direct Investment, which, according to the agency’s figures, left more than 2,000 million dollars in the entity during the past year, of which Tijuana It captured about 1,000 million, almost half.
Many of the partners of the Association of Manufacturers of Salt Lake have plant in China and analyzed that labor and also the raw material, logistics and other operational indicators have higher cost in the Asian country compared to Mexico, said the undersecretary of Sedeco.
The official explained that the intention to bring to Tijuana different companies and government institutions in other countries and not just dentists in Tijuana is one of the strategies they maintain for this 2018, with the aim of making investments in the state.
He explained that for the entity it is a priority to open a range of options before the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which despite not having concluded has caused uncertainty in investors, and the intention is not to stop the projects and even overcome this year what was achieved in 2017.
Figures from the Ministry of Economic Development of Tijuana (Sedeti) indicate that last year 1,000 million dollars in investments reached the municipality, mainly destined to the manufacturing sector for the arrival of new plants or the expansion of companies that already have years of experience. operation in the city.
The collection of these resources meant, according to the municipal agency, the generation of around 20,000 jobs, due to 82 projects to expand established companies and 40 new investment projects.
The head of Sedeti said that despite the uncertainty generated by the renegotiation of NAFTA, the companies had initially frozen their investments, but in mid-2017 the capital began to flow and the projects to materialize; for this reason 2018 the objective is to look for alternatives that allow to promote the city in other states and countries.