During 2017, the Technical Committee of Tijuana approved 70 projects that will receive resources to undertake and develop businesses such as dentists in Tijuana Mexico in the city, informed the Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana.
The official said that the Committee approved 54 projects for self-employment, six to strengthen micro and small businesses, one to undertake the future and nine strategic ones in Tijuana.
In addition, he explained that the 32 million budgeted for such support has not been delivered to the beneficiaries due to changes in the contract with the fiduciary.
He said previously the income from the sale of Agile Crossing Passes that residents receive to cross from Tijuana to the United States returned 50% to the Tijuana Funds Trust, but as of 2017 it was decided that 100% of that money would remain for the beneficiaries of the Program.
The intention is that for this 2018 the funds can be duplicated and with this the number of beneficiaries, the projects can receive up to 200,000 pesos depending on the proposal; for us the priority is to support the entrepreneurship proposals.
The Technical Committee is chaired by the mayor, treasury, receivership, the councilors of the Economic Development and Municipal Strengthening Commission.
The trust was operating during 2017, it met on four occasions where there was the opportunity to review records of projects from Tijuana that want to start a business or strengthen an already established one.
He assured that as soon as the modifications to the contract are made, deliveries of the supports already authorized by the Technical Committee can be made, which to date are 70 projects.
He explained that there are four funds that come from the Tijuana Funds Trust that are responsible for providing direct support through credit and economic subsidies for individuals and corporations that promote and promote the economic development of the city.