When we have an accident, and our teeth are affected aesthetically, which not only can affect us physically but also psychologically and that is why it is necessary to go with your dentist from Bartell Dental Tijuana to repair your teeth, the same happens with sequelae of diseases, such as cancer.

Specifically, breast cancer leaves sequels challenging to overcome, but now offers the possibility of recovering the nipple and areola among those women who have been mastectomized based on ink and needle and the micro pigmentation technique

The technique is micro pigmentation, a method through which the pigment is left in a more superficial layer than the traditional tattoo, which benefits these patients, being less aggressive.

With nine different shades of ink, the ideal color is created to shape the patient’s new nipple and aura, an appointment that arrives six months after her last surgery. In that first encounter, the area is explored to know the state of the skin and the scars and resolves those doubts that arise. If it is going to hurt, if it can get wet, what previous and subsequent care needs to be done or if it is good are some of the questions that most arise in consultation.

The second appointment is when, between both parties, they choose tones, sizes and make the previous sketch that is captured minutes later during a two-hour session. If the nipple has been recreated during the last surgery, it will not be necessary to apply a three-dimensional effect. If the patient keeps any of her breasts, the goal is to make a replica of her nipple and areola. On the other hand, if micro pigmentation is applied to both breasts, look for symmetry and create from scratch.

Once the technique is applied, an appointment is given about six weeks later to see how it has been and if it is necessary to review any area. A change that for each of them manifests itself differently. To be able to change in the dressing room with tranquility and without anyone looking at him, they go to the beach and play quietly with the little ones in the house, or they see in the mirror and see a breast.

The pre-intervention care is simple. Do not expose yourself to the sun a week before, do not drink exciting drinks on the day of micro pigmentation, as they favor vasodilation and inform if you take any anticoagulant treatment to see what measures are taken.
The guidelines to follow after the micro pigmentation session are also bearable. Apply during the following week a healing cream, do not rub with a sponge, avoid the sun and wet normally. What you do have to take into account is the care of maintenance and always use sunscreen in the area. The implementation of this consultation six months ago does not contemplate the retouching over the years although the nurse ensures that over time the pigment becomes clear.