It is reported that one thousand 130 patrols of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, about 800 units cross the streets of the beautiful and mysterious Tijuana.

It is said that it is difficult to give an exact figure of damaged patrols, since every day they register damages and they are taken out of circulation.

The Tijuana councilors approved 50 million pesos for the purchase of 74 double-cabin patrols that will be adequate to guarantee the transfer of detainees.

He explained that each patrol will cost 674 thousand pesos and that resources are available for acquisition.

It is not necessary to emphasize the importance of the Police having the necessary equipment for the tourists that come to a dental clinic in Mexico, as well as to establish strategies that result in combating insecurity.

Finally, the councilman hoped that with the new patrols, the police elements will achieve greater proximity to the crime zones and manage to significantly reduce response times.

And speaking of good news in the city, the municipal president of Tijuana received a document that states the donation of land for what is the beginning of a process so that in the near future Tijuana has a new General Hospital.

For his part, the governor said that the budget issue has been resolved to restart work at the new Maternal and Child Hospital, as well as the modifications that will be made to ensure that the building will be stable, since it was built on a filling area.

The delay in the Maternal Child is that a part of him was found weakened because it was built in what is considered a filling, we should not worry about it being built in fill because it is very common to be built in fill, but nevertheless, if you saw some characteristics not proper to responsibly put maternal child functioning that are not serious, has a solution and there is a structural technical opinion that specify the work that little party will have to do to ensure we have no problem in that part of the hospital.