I think that anyone who wants to open their own business knows how tedious it is to do all the paperwork that this requires, mostly because waiting times are usually eternal but find out that the administrative procedures were reduced from 3 months to just days. They want to celebrate.

The different programs that the Mayor’s Office of Tijuana has implemented to facilitate the immediate opening of any kind of businesses even dental clinics in Tijuana have allowed to attend to date more than 3 thousand requests of establishments of low, medium and high impact, reducing the waiting times from 3 months to 72 hours.

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDETI), said that one of the objectives of this municipality is to greatly facilitate the opening of businesses, mainly low risk, in which hand with technological resources and the reduction of requirements has been able to fulfill these purposes for those people who want to undertake in the local economy.

He informed that one of the advantages offered by the platform of the System of Quick Opening of Companies (SARE) is that for certain commercial and service turns, and once meeting all the requested requirements, the Immediate Opening Notice could be received in an average of 72 hours.

He explained that another of the objectives is to be able to identify the turns where more opening facilities are required, as well as to increase the catalog of the low impact classification, which goes hand in hand with the regulatory improvement, the modification of the existing regulations and of the elimination of duplicate and unnecessary procedures.

This is aimed at providing Tijuana with appropriate initiatives to increase its economic competitiveness; in which the analysis carried out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) positions this city at number 43 of 73, “he concluded.

The director of Fire, reiterated that with the digitization of this process of inspection of fire safety measures issued by this unit, this process previously took three months, being now reduced to three days for low impact business and 12 days for medium and high impact business.