Valentine’s Day is getting closer, and according to a 2017 Quora survey, more than 60% of women under the age of 45 expressed that Valentine’s Day is their favorite holiday of the year. You love her for her unique, quirky, loving aspects. So why go the route of an expected box of chocolates, roses and a stuffed bear? Here are four unique gift ideas that will melt her heart, and hopefully pay off for you when the lights go down.

Women’s Alpaca Sweaters

While cashmere has long been regarded as the king of luxury sweaters, alpaca is giving the fibers a run for their money. Consider shopping for authentic alpaca women’s sweaters from Peru in a natural color. Alpaca is more affordable than cashmere, yet still offers luxurious quality. In fact, top fashion designers like Prada, Gucci and Hugo Boss use alpaca fibers in their fall and winter lines. Your lady will love the look and feel of an alpaca sweater as it hugs her body and keeps her warm on chilly evenings. She will also like the gift because it supports sustainability and eco-friendliness while allowing family farms in Peru to thrive at their craft spanning multiple generations.

Gem Water Bottles

In 2016 Swell water bottles exploded in popularity selling millions of units. In 2017 gem water bottles stepped into the spotlight as a healthy, trendy alternative to the Swell bottle. If your lady focuses on her health, these water bottles use vibrations form the submerged gems to offer an amazing beverage experience. Various gems offer various benefits. For example, rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst is known to welcome tranquility, soothe and stimulate the mind, and support healthy, glowing skin. Select a clear bottle that is well insulated so the gems can be visible and the water can stay cool.

Personalized Jewel Garden

This is certainly not a garden-variety gift. Jewel gardens include succulents, a pot, and a sleeve of themed decorative elements like gems and ornaments to complete a desired look. Rather than buy a kit go off on your own and customize a gem garden she can display in her office or kitchen. Based on her hobbies, birthstone, sign, and favorite color you can create a daily reminder that lets her know how well you know her and how loved she is. Keep in mind your lady doesn’t need a green thumb; all she needs to do is use a water dropper to hydrate the pants as directed. For example, if a guy’s girlfriend loves yoga, was born in June, her favorite color is robin egg blue, and she likes butterflies, you can use June’s birthstone (the pearl) and use multiple jewels on a butterfly design planted in between two succulents. Use baby blue pebbles and textile elements to add color, and a yoga charm or ohm symbol as a nod to her favorite activity. The personalized touch to the jewel garden will strike an emotional chord in her sentimental heart and prove to be a gift she will always remember, with love.