Every year more and more NJ residents discover they need groundwater remediation services from an oil tank removal company that can perform a sweep and remove the buried oil tank. It is very common for multiple services to be performed, as leaking oil tanks produce a number of disastrous consequences.

Oil tanks are very common in New Jersey, and nobody wants one on their property. Back at the turn of the century oil tanks were used to provide heat to homes and businesses across the Garden State. However, their life expectancy is roughly 100 years, and this is why the best oil tank sweep NJ based companies are busy performing oil tank removal and groundwater remediation services–because these tanks are well into advanced stages of corrosion.

Finding the best oil tank removal company is crucial to protecting your property’s value, securing the integrity of your land, and keeping your family safe from toxins. Here are some steps to help you find the best oil tank removal NJ company staffed with true experts that meets the standards set by public demand.

Determine Average Oil Tank Removal NJ Cost and Weigh the Company

If you can determine what the average oil tank removal NJ cost is across various companies and the services they offer, you can gauge if the companies that made your shortlist charge a fair price. 10 different oil tank removal NJ companies were surveyed and the average charge for oil tank removal is around $3000. Most oil tank removal NJ cost only covers basic removal services. That said, look for a company that charges around this rate but offers additional services and benefits. Because groundwater is common throughout NJ, make sure the company will perform testing to determine if any remediation is required. You should also make sure the oil tank removal NJ cost includes full comprehensive coverage and a liability policy of at least $5 million.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ Services Should be Performed by Licensed Experts

Almost every home inspection in NJ requires an oil tank sweep. If you are going to put your home on the market it is ideal to have an oil tank sweep NJ company come out and detect your property for a buried oil tank. Most oil tank removal services don’t perform sweeps. That said, make sure you find a company that will do oil tank sweeps, oil tank removal, and perform groundwater remediation services. You should also make sure the oil tank sweep NJ company is staffed by professionals who work in compliance with the American Petroleum Institute Standards (API 1604). The oil tank sweep and removal services should also be performed by workers certified and licensed to meet all federal, state, local, OSHA and EPA regulations.

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater remediation is a common service performed after oil tanks have been removed from the ground. So what is it? Groundwater remediation is a process in which certified experts treat polluted groundwater by extracting its pollutants or converting them into elements that front no harm to the environment. Groundwater saturates the pore space in subsurfaces, so when an oil tank leaks into your soil, finding an oil tank removal company that also offers groundwater remediation is paramount. One way of knowing if you have found a good groundwater remediation company is if they also perform the oil tank sweep and removal process. Not only is an all-in-one service provider going to save homeowners time and money but they also have more knowledge on each project as they come to face situations as they happen from one service to another.