The great business boom in the city from lawyers, architects to cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana require a better infrastructure in the city. That is why important people in the city highlight the importance of the Tecate rail project, which consists of joining the Short Route of the Train with the Desert Line.

This new sentry box is considered as the new Model of Garita of the 21st century, which will stand out for its modernity, innovation, and practicality for both sides of the border by having reversible and segmented lanes.

This project, which requires around 750 million dollars in investment, will combine practical inspection facilities on both sides of the border with innovations in reversible lanes and segmented toll according to the waiting time at the crossing.

In addition, the manufacturing industry estimates that with the modernization of the Tijuana customs office increase competitiveness, since the projection is that with the entry into operations of Garita de Otay Mesa II by 2019, the export rate will increase up to 12%, double what has grown during the last three years.

The mayor of Tijuana explained that the Ministry of the Interior committed to reviewing the resources that were labeled to carry out the work of the port and translate into development projects.

The border area of Tijuana and San Diego, he points out, is the most important entry point, so it is vital the work carried out by these nations to advance together and realize projects that allow a healthier, deeper and more solid coexistence and exchange in This area becomes a single one, since the development of one cannot be conceived without the other, if Mexico is doing well, the United States is doing well.

Even with the uncertainty that exists with the NAFTA regarding investments, he said he feels positive, since he has not observed that the flow of capital in the border region decreases, but on the contrary, he explained, companies in San Diego have begun to invest in the manufacturing of Baja California for showing a very sophisticated sector, particularly in medical devices.

On the complicated situation of migrants, the Interior Minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, said that one of the first priorities of the federal administration was to redesign an immigration policy that would adapt to the new reality.

He said that since 2014, programs have been carried out that provide support to returnees with comprehensive care, as is the case of Somos Mexicanos, which aims to facilitate the social and economic reintegration of Mexican repatriated persons.