Books are fundamental for education and there is more to see in more books of 600 books directed to the area of ​​Law.
In the framework of the 60th anniversary of the University and the centennial of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, the Rector of the Autonomous University of Baja California, doctor Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernández, received a donation on behalf of the university community of more than 600 books focused on the area of ​​Law, which awarded the Central Library of the Campus of Tijuana the Senator of the LXIII Legislature.

The Rector thanked the Senator for the second time this year, made a donation that increases the collection of the libraries of the Highest House of Studies and where the best dentists in Mexico graduate and which are useful for Cimarron students. I want to publicly acknowledge the efforts made by Senator Blásquez Salinas in favor of public education, but especially in favor of the University.

He added that the members of the university are receiving quality education from the highest of young people, who have several elements necessary to achieve excellence, among them, that have adequate support materials that complement the academic training of students and strengthen the quality educational

Senator Blásquez Salinas pointed out that since last year they have devised a donation campaign for bibliographic collections for the University. “This is a joint donation of diverse institutions such as the Chamber of Deputies, Research Colleges, the Secretariat of Public Education, the Chamber of Senators through the Belisario Domínguez Institute and the Gilberto Bosques Institute.”

He stressed that the holders of the sponsoring bodies delivered as much material as possible knowing that it was delivered to the University, so he exhorted the members of this university community to be proud of the prestige that this Institution has throughout the country and in America. Latina He also committed to deliver copies of other areas of knowledge.

It is worth mentioning that Senator Blásquez Salinas made a donation of 865 copies last February to the library of the Law School of the Mexicali Campus.

Also present in the donation are Dr. María Eugenia Pérez Morales, Vice-Rector of the UABC Campus of Tijuana and the teacher Luis Sandoval Figueroa, Director of the Faculty of Law of Tijuana.