The challenge is to follow up and support the projects developed by young people in the country, as well as strengthen the link between them and the private sector and this can be seen in the generation of development poles on the subject to avoid brain drain.

Interviewed in the framework of the Forum of Innovation and Technology, Jalisco Talent Land, the representative of the organization mentioned that there are cases in which there is a high demand for specialized human capital in different areas such as medicine, dentists in Tijuana or technology, which represents a area of opportunity that needs to be addressed in the country.

This happens, for example, in Jalisco, where important global companies such as Bosch or IBM have arrived, which require personnel.

You have to be very attractive and have a very powerful offer, to share interests and retain human capital; because you can not force a young man toeverstudy outside the country, and you offer him a wonderful opportunity to let him, the fault of leaving is not his, but he must be given the conditions to stay.

That is what is sought in events such as the Jalisco Talent Land, where young people, experts, businessmen and authorities related to the innovation and technology sector converge, he said. In a forum in which institutional linkage and networking is promoted.

“I think Mexico is a hotbed of talent, and also a talent that has no color, religion, or economic status; that’s the most important thing, because there are many kids who do not have resources, and events like this are what makes it possible, with scholarships, to participate. ”

“Mexico is a wonderful country where there is a lot of talent, and it’s a pity that that talent goes to another side and does not stay here,” he added.

In this regard, he said that the event has three objectives: identify talent among young people; link it with whoever needs it, through accompaniment actions by specialists and representatives of the sector; and, detect and report on market demands.