For the state of Baja California it is a priority to open a range of options before the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has caused uncertainty.
The Economic Development Secretariat of Baja California agreed, together with the local business chambers, to bring to Tijuana commercial missions, in addition to reviewing the supply demand of the industry installed in the state to place the city as one of the most important investment destinations. important in the country.
The aforementioned is part of the strategy so that in 2018 the same trend will continue in the capture of Foreign Direct Investment, which, according to the agency’s figures, left more than 2,000 million dollars in the entity during the past year, of which Tijuana It captured about 1,000 million, almost half.
Many of the partners of the Association of Manufacturers of Salt Lake have plant in China and analyzed that labor and also the raw material, logistics and other operational indicators have higher cost in the Asian country compared to Mexico, said the undersecretary of Sedeco.
The official explained that the intention to bring to Tijuana different companies and government institutions in other countries and not just dentists in Tijuana is one of the strategies they maintain for this 2018, with the aim of making investments in the state.
He explained that for the entity it is a priority to open a range of options before the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which despite not having concluded has caused uncertainty in investors, and the intention is not to stop the projects and even overcome this year what was achieved in 2017.
Figures from the Ministry of Economic Development of Tijuana (Sedeti) indicate that last year 1,000 million dollars in investments reached the municipality, mainly destined to the manufacturing sector for the arrival of new plants or the expansion of companies that already have years of experience. operation in the city.
The collection of these resources meant, according to the municipal agency, the generation of around 20,000 jobs, due to 82 projects to expand established companies and 40 new investment projects.
The head of Sedeti said that despite the uncertainty generated by the renegotiation of NAFTA, the companies had initially frozen their investments, but in mid-2017 the capital began to flow and the projects to materialize; for this reason 2018 the objective is to look for alternatives that allow to promote the city in other states and countries.