Although many people have a driver’s license, there are not many in their diary and those in transit, especially those that have to do with the treatment of cyclists, is why raising awareness about road safety was the main objective of the cyclist ride to the International Day of the Cyclist that was celebrated yesterday with the participation of the different clubs of the city with The best Mexico Dentists  and the capital of the state.

There were more than a hundred cyclists who participated in this event, which became an approximate distance of 20 kilometers. With the aim of reducing the problems between motorists and cyclists that sometimes come to fights and accidents.

At 9:00 in the morning the walk in the monument to Benito Juárez of El Chamizal Park began, where it was also the point of arrival.

On their way they stopped at the Benito Juarez Monument on Vicente Guerrero Street and Constitution Street.

Children, youths and adults participated with bicycles in different ways, mountain and bmx.

On your journey through different parts of the city that has the support of the road department and personnel in charge of security.

We are new cyclists clubs but we are united all cyclists celebrating this international day and promoting the cycling culture, respect for the cyclist by cars and also road education, according to our responsibilities and rights when using the road, explained Fernando Olea, from the Club Mozketeros Team.

“Between 20 and 23 kilometers, fortunately we had a very nice day and the Monument of El Chamizal Park we came to the Benito Juarez Monument, it has been a very pleasant, peaceful, very familiar walk,” he said.

He stressed that in addition to the celebration for the International Day of the Cyclist and send a message of road respect, had as its objective the coexistence.

We are a very big family, each group is a family and we are all very close, we support each other, he said.

I estimate about 130 cyclists, comes some from Chihuahua, he said. It’s the third edition in which I participate, there were not so big, he concluded.