If there are no trees, the air stops having a natural purifier and begins to become contaminated more and more, which causes animals and humans to have health problems, that is why people with power in the government as deputies along with Tijuana Innovadora started the afforestation of around 10 thousand square meters of green areas in the eastern part of the city.

The deputy declared that it is the beginning of a series of actions that aim to meet the recommendations established by the World Organization (WHO), to have 10 square meters per inhabitant and Tijuana has less than one meter and thus have an air cleaner and be more friendly with the ecosystem that gives us home. This will be perfect if you are looking for house for sale in baja because now the air will be cleaner and the landscape will be beautiful. Among the species that are going to be planted are native shrubs of the area and fruit trees, such as fig, olive, pomegranate, citrus, among others, with the intention that they serve to recover the spaces and provide services that favor the ecosystem.

The director of Tijuana Verde, informed that afforestation will be carried out with the Dutch COCOON technology that has the purpose of contributing to sustainable development, and consists of a biodegradable box that is used as an incubator for plants, and does not require irrigation and uses up to 1000 times less water, which is ideal for areas with degraded or desert land.

The president of Tijuana Innovadora, José Galicot said that the goal is to double the square meters of trees per inhabitant in three years, and he also highlighted the use of COCOON technology, which has been tested in 8 countries around the world, including the United States, Spain and Australia as well as Kenya, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, Tijuana will be the first to venture into the development of this technology with the support of citizens and civil society organizations to export it to other Latin American countries.