Maybe many know Tijuana for its famous dentists in Mexico, which are the best in the country and even people come from abroad looking for their services. But in reality the city has more medical needs than only dental because in the general hospital a year have been treated 96 thousand 674 patients in the emergency area.

The needs of Tijuana General Hospital continue to increase and not in the same proportion as economic and human resources, so, the institution recognizes that they may have shortages in resources and that will affect the population at some point.

Even so, they emphasize that both the Hospital and all the staff working there are committed to the health of the people who reside and travel in the locality without making any distinction between gender, age, socio-economic level or religious or political ideologies, since under this ethical and professional commitment, 96 thousand 674 attentions have been provided of which they have been in the Adult Emergency Unit; Work; and Pediatric Emergencies. Also, there were registered 7,263 healthy births, specialty consultations were granted; Clinical Laboratory, Imaging and surgical procedures studies were carried out; This, to mention some health services.

Girls, children, adults; working or unemployed citizens, deportees, foreigners, migrants; people in street condition and abandonment, all access health services that a second level hospital can provide. Actually this is a lot of work since it is the only public hospital in the locality, the medical, paramedical and administrative staff of the General Hospital of Tijuana attends daily to an average of 120 people in the Adult Emergency room, together with the 40 more than they enter directly due to severe complications in their health, in addition to the 80 daily assessments for women in gestational status, and 80 visits to minors in pediatric emergencies.

In addition to the situation of illness or injury of a patient, the workers of the General Hospital of Tijuana face social, economic and security problems in the context of each case, so they struggle every day to provide the maximum benefit in the treatment doctor and discharge instructions.