If you thought it was a strange thing for people to travel from other countries to get dental implants in Mexico (which is actually a good idea), you should know that there are two companies dedicated to giving tours in the city that added to their itinerary a visit to the border wall prototypes, which mainly take Americans.

For some months, groups that are dedicated to giving tours around the city have given this experience to the Americans, which was unexpected for the tourism authorities but that they recognize doing it in an organized way and as a way to get informed about the problems Social politicians living on the border.

“We detected it from weeks ago, the Turista Libre company began, at least for a month now that we know what they are doing,” said the state tourism undersecretary in Tijuana, Ives Lelevier.

He commented that they have not yet calculated the inflow to these prototypes or what has been generated by it.

The organization has been touring Tijuana for almost 10 years to get to know the city, but from a Tijuana perspective and not the visitor’s.

We do not know how many, but we know that they do it in an organized way, they are two companies that take groups to do this, frankly talk about how tourism has so many aspects, things that we could not imagine that could be of interest to people, as they are , if they can do it better organized yet better, I do not know the narrative, I do not know what they are told but we expect that they do not feed any hate for this country and that they do it in an organized way, he mentioned.

The prototypes will be reviewed by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, so there will be a large influx of both sides and a lot of security.