Have you ever watched a fighter jet take off and land from an aircraft carrier or watch a missile launch from a ship on the news? These are quite the sights to behold, and if you ever get to see actions like this in person you will be overcome by the sheet might of it all. What most people don’t know ios that military power supplies like the AC to DC converter help make actions like this possible. Today’s aerospace industry and branches of our military contract with the best military power supplies manufacturers who create AC to DC converters to meet special demands.

What are Military Power Supplies?

These power supplies are used by the military and are similar to those used in other industries. However, the demands placed on military power supplies require them to function in extreme conditions. This means their ruggedness, durability and reliability is at the pinnacle of perfection. Military power supplies are also build to run through long use cycles requiring very minimal maintenance.

What are Military Power Supplies Standards?

It is vital to our security that military power supplies meet the highest quality standards when it comes to performance. Engineers keep challenging deployment environments in mind when creating a meticulous design and iron-clad construction to ensure high efficiency, small size and lighter weight. These high standards also demand that military power supplies like the AC to DC converter meets the challenges of multi-voltage electronics, as well as the complexities behind distribution systems. Some of these include:

  • Noise reduction for tactical needs
  • Lightning and power spike protection for military power supplies
  • Military power supplies must support higher voltages and use lowe input signals
  • Military-grade aircraft and vehicles require military power supplies to support three operational modes: normal, abnormal and emergency.
  • Be able to withstand temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius and above 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Military power supplies must be engineered to withstand powerful vibration and shock.
  • Must withstand water and high levels of humidity. Some uses require the military power supplies to be watertight.

CE requirements, have been in force since 1997 requiring compliance with EN601010-1 safety standards with higher clearance for high-voltage circuits and thicker insulators. Accidental user contact was also something that needed to be placed in regulations so now shrouded connectors and relief clip connectors are used to prevent unintentional use. There Is now significantly less risk for users thus removing the high chance of injury via unintentional contact.