When making a change as significant as the change of city, everyone has their own reasons, very different, however it is true that many prefer to rent or buy in Tijuana due to its low prices compared to other cities in the United States and also It attracts them that life is cheaper because they can find different services at better prices, even health services such as Tijuana dental implants.

The increase in the cost of housing in California has caused a flight of residents into Mexican territory. In the last year, the prices to obtain a home of their own increased up to 8%, according to a study conducted by real estate advisors in the United States.

This situation has unleashed chain reactions, such as the increase in land prices for the construction of new housing units and the development of smaller spaces; besides the rebound in the request for rental spaces.

Despite the fact that the average prices range from one thousand to two thousand dollars per month, depending on the size of the department, more and more families are looking for this option at the exorbitant prices that buying a house represents.

The increase has caused the displacement of residents to the rural areas of the county, and even to Tijuana and Rosarito, where they can obtain a home of up to one third lower than the price at which properties are offered in California.

We have begun to see more people looking for housing options in Tijuana; the reality is that the cost of living in Tijuana and the tendency of condominiums that have been registered, mainly in the vicinity of the border, has attracted the attention of those who live on the other side, especially in San Diego County.

But the overall cost of living south of the county is also cheaper; food, clothing, and transportation are more affordable compared to the American Union, which has made the idea of ??looking for purchase or rent options in Tijuana more attractive, where, on average, a house can be obtained in 500 thousand dollars, in comparison to a residence that reaches a million dollars in San Diego.