If you love your job, then this article isn’t for you. However, if you are one of the millions of people who hate their jobs, you will want to read this and do some soul searching. Whether you despise your job because you are forced to work with underqualified colleagues, the pay is lousy, or you are forced to do manual labor, entering the food truck business has been a successful venture for people who once worked as lawyers to those who were school janitors. Here are some common reasons why the food truck business has been a game-changer to enriching the lives of many stuck in the ennui of their dull careers.

You Want to Be Your Own Boss

If you loathe your boss, are tired of office politics, or you simply want to make executive decisions, entering the food truck business allows you to leave all of these things behind. Food trucks can be run solely by the owner, or with an extra person or two. The best part is you get to call your own hours deciding when and where you work, create your own business model, and serve amazing food with your own ethics firmly in place behind every move you make.

You Are Stuck in a Cubicle and Want Out

Cubicle life is slow death for many people. You do repetitive work and stare at the same divider wall all day long. While some may think that food trucks are constrictive, they aren’t if you invest in one designed to help you achieve your goals. The best custom food truck companies will take the time to learn your business model, your goals, your prospective growth, and design a mobile kitchen that gives you the right space to function and grow comfortably. Owning a food truck business allows you to get out in the word moving between communities and saying adios to that coffin you have been working in.

Higher Earning Potential

If a dismal salary is one reason why you hate your job and desire a change, the food truck business could be ideal. According to numerous surveys, the average full-time food truck in American cities grossed an average of $300K in 2017. And if you work 7 days a week, the earning potential can go way up. Do a little market research; interview your competition and ask them how big their following is and try to determine how profitable they are by doing a little subtle probing.

Your Job is Not Ideal for Family Life

If you have a family then taking time off is paramount to a healthy home life. However, most jobs (especially corporate ones) demand long hours and are strict when it comes to vacation time. If you are tired of not getting to spend enough time with the kids and missing big moments in their life like Little League Games or dance recitals, entering the food truck business can be ideal because you get to call your own hours.